Wedding Package #3 - Personalized Studio Recorded Song (90 seconds) + BTS Greeting Video (30 seconds)

Wedding Package #3 - Personalized Studio Recorded Song (90 seconds) + BTS Greeting Video (30 seconds)

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Have you ever dreamed about someone writing a song just for you? Us The Duo is about to make that dream a reality by writing a once-in-a-lifetime song specifically for you and your significant other. In just 30 days from receiving your “Getting To Know You” form, Us The Duo will digitally deliver a studio-quality song for you to listen and enjoy for years to come.

How does it work?  We’re glad you asked. Here’s the 5-step process:

1. “Getting To Know You” Form
Upon purchasing Wedding Package #3, we’ll send a form for you to fill out. It asks questions like:

How did you meet?
What do you love most about each other?
What are you looking forward to most about being married?

In addition to personal questions, we’ll ask you some musical questions like:

What music do you like to listen to?
Is there a particular song or style you’d like your song to sound like?
What tempo would you like the song to be? (upbeat, mid-tempo, slow)

2. Songwriting

Once we receive your form, the 30-day clock begins! Us The Duo will kick-off the songwriting process and begin crafting a song based on the inspiration you provided for us. We’ll also send you a timeline to your e-mail address so you'll know when to expect each project deliverable along the way.

3. Scratch Recording / Demo

On day 20, Us The Duo will provide you with a demo recording of what we’ve been working on. You’ll take a listen and if you have any notes, edits, or concerns, this would be your time to provide that feedback. The band will honor your feedback with one revision (if needed) and then take the track to the recording studio.

4. Recording / Mixing / Mastering

Between day 20-30, Us The Duo will get to work in the studio by recording the instruments and vocals. After the recording, comping, and editing is complete, we’ll then send the song to a mixing and mastering professional to finalize the track and polish the overall sound.

5. Delivery

On day 30, we’ll deliver the master file to you in .WAV and .MP4 files via Dropbox. From there, you can download it to your computer or stream it from your phone. It’s yours to keep.. forever!

BONUS:  A Behind-The-Scenes (BTS) Video - In addition to delivering you the song, Us The Duo will also provide you with a 30 second video showing you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at us making your song. Here, the band is also happy to provide a personalized greeting to the couple!

This is a unique experience that very few artists in the world offer. We understand that the price comes at a premium so if you have any questions before purchasing, please don’t hesitate to contact our merchandise team at


*Copyright: Although the song is a dedication to you, Us The Duo will own all master copyright and publishing of the song. You may not distribute or sell the song as your own.

*Timeline: In order to stay within our promised 30-day timeline, your song will be a maximum of 90-seconds. This allows us to honor all inquiries and complete the song with a high level of attention and detail.

*Final Product: Once the song leaves the demo process and enters the recording studio, it can no longer be changed. You have one chance for edits/revisions during the demo process, so please specify any and all comments regarding the song at that time.

*Licensing: Us The Duo will grant you a free license to use the song up to three (3) times in videos related to your wedding. This would also cover you to post your wedding-related videos to social media with the song at no extra fee. Any additional uses after 3 ( or if you want to use the song in something unrelated to your wedding), a new paid license will be required from Us The Duo’s management team.